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Do I make money from my custom store?

Yes! Both Fundraisers and Custom stores earn $ back for working with Joyful. Contact us to chat in detail.

What brands/items do you use?

What is the difference in the custom stores and fundraisers you offer:

See our full selection of items here:

Custom stores are long-term storefronts for our partners who want on-going access to merchandise online and on-demand, with no minimums. Fundraisers are short term pages made specifically for supporting the fundraising goal of a team, school or sport. 

Do you create designs?

No, we specialize in making merchandise easily accessible by print on demand. Unfortunately we do not do design work. We can however use any logo/designs you provide, that are not copyrighted or trademarked on any merchandise you select. 

How many logos or designs can we add to our stores?

Your initial store setup includes 3 designs, with an option to add more.

How do I get started? 

Custom store FAQ (A4 Document).png

Complete our form below, schedule a quick call with our team to begin our short process. 

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